Using Regex Validation for Demand Management Request Field Validation

I have a Request Header Type data field I have created with a Validation of Text Field - 200.  I need to make sure the data input into this field does not contain some special characters such as /, \, #, ", &, or '.

I cannot figure out how to validate Request Header Type data fields in this way to insure their values are not saved or posted to the database with these values.

Any suggestions or examples on how to implement this type of validation with the data field definition or in  Request Type Rules would be very helpful!

  • 1, Make a hidden field "FLAG"

    2, A Before Save SQL rule to check whether it's valid

    select 0 from dual where REGEXP_LIKE ('[your_token]', 'Your Regex')

    union all

    select 1 from dual where not REGEXP_LIKE ('[your_token]', 'Your Regex') 

    3, A Before Save UI rule,

    Dependency: FLAG<>'1'

    Rule: showMessage(text, false)