PPM upgrade 9.12 - 9.31

We are migrating PPM from 9.12 to 9.31.

We are proceeding by step and the first one concerns migration from 9.12 to 9.20. We copied production instance with a license of fixed number of users. Then we asked HP a new license for development purpose for the new machine (OS and IP address changed).


We encountered problems with the new license provided by support because PPM doesn’t start regularly because of licensing problems.


This is the error that appears:

ERROR server:main:com.kintana.core.server:2015/05/20-16:51:56.963 CEST: License usage exceeded. Your maximum of 0 license(s) for Portfolio Management have already been allocated. There are 4 users in your system with this license. (KNTA-10043)


Then we asked HP a new license containing also this 4 portfolio users but they told us that we’re not entitled which in my opinion doesn’t make sense because we bought 4 portfolio users license.


Is this the correct way to proceed to perform the upgrade or is there a workaround to avoid license problem when performing upgrade in a test/dev environment?


We’ve already tried to set server mode on RESTRICTED (./setServerMode.sh RESTRICTED) without any success.


Many thanks in advance.


  • You could delete the rows for that application from the table KNTA_USER_PRODUCTS and restart the services. I did it once and it worked.

  • Best is to disable all the users in PPM except admin, later on as and when need you can enable them. Before your server satrt just execute this SQL.


    Update knta_users

    set end_date = sys_date-1

    where user_id != 1

  • Hello, I run the query suggested by Utkarsh_Mishra, but I didn't run it on all users except admin, I just run it on a small number of users, enough to be compliant with the number of users contained into licence file.



    Am I doing something wrong?


    thanks and kind regards



  • Hello HP_Jack,

    When I was doing some testing upgrading from 9.14 to 9.31 I ran into the same issue but in my case is was with Time Management Licenses, I did something simmilar to what was suggested but I removed the users from the Product table instead.. here are the queries I used for that.


    I left the notes I had in there for reference


    /* Disabling Users that have Time Management License (5)
    First Query gets the License ID
    Second Query gets the Users with (in this case) TM Licenses
    Third Query Deletes the user from knta_user_products
    effectively removing the licenses from their profile
    My DB is set to NOT autocommit so if yours is set the same
    way make sure to commit after this is done */


    --Query 1

    select Product_key as product_id,


    --Query 2

    select ku.user_id,
    from knta_user_products kup,
         knta_users ku
    where 1 = 1
    and kup.Product_id = 5 --CHANGE AS NEEDED
    and kup.user_id = ku.user_id
    and ku.end_date is null;


    --Query 3

    delete from knta_user_products
    where user_id IN('30213', --4 users with Time Management Licenses
    And product_id = 5;


    Hope this helps.