SQL Rules in multi-language (MLU) configuration


we have a SQL rule in a request type that sets a field's value (Drop-down validated by list) based on some other field's value. We are in a multi-language environment using German and English.

If the rule is defined with a German text in the selection and someone logs into PPM with an English session, then the rule throws an error message: "Could not set field '<field name >' to value '<some German value>' in Rule 1 - '<Rule Name>'.

Does anyone know a way to make a SQL rule aware of the current session language and select the necessary value accordingly from the KNTA_LOOKUPS_NLS or KNTA_LOOKUPS_LOC table?

I already searched the available documentation with no success.

Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Torsten,

    The trick with MLU is to NOT hit the _NLS and _LOC tables, but instead hit the view that will expose the data from these tables using the language of the user currently connected.

    So just write your SQL to target the KNTA_LOOKUPS view, and you''ll get the data in whatever language the connected user uses. If this is run without a user (in a background service, or possibly a scheduled report - though I'm not sure about this one), it should use the System Language.

    Let me know if that works,

    Kind Regards,



  • Thanks, Etienne! That was it.

    I did not know that the user's session language would be the DB session language when rules were used.