Auto-Populate ProjectID and ProjectName on Request Creation

We have a Request Type that gets associated with a specific project via population of a Project Name field.  We have also configured a Project Summary portlet to display requests of this type associated with that project.  In that portlet, we have added a button created with the following HTML to enable Users to create a new request directly from the portlet, with the intention to auto-populate the field project name (so that the User does not need to re-select):

'<html><body><input type="button" class="sec-btn" value="Proposal Tollgate" id="createProposalTollgate" onclick = "'||'''../web/knta/crt/RequestCreate.jsp?REQUEST_TYPE_CREATE=5.27.'||(SELECT REQUEST_TYPE_ID FROM KCRT_REQUEST_TYPES WHERE REQUEST_TYPE_NAME = 'EPPIC PLC-Proposal Tollgate')||'.EPPIC PLC-Proposal Tollgate&loggingIssue=true&projectId='||'[P.ENTITY_INFO]'||'&projectName='||REPLACE(PP.PROJECT_NAME,' ',' ')||''')"></body></html>'

This however does not work, as the "Create" request opens with the Project Name blank.