PPM 9.20 Upgrade: When to set JAVA_HOME



We are upgrading from PPM 8.01 to 9.20 and we are on the intermediate version 9.14 with minimal issues.


As a prerequisite for 9.20, we need to get JDK version 1.7.0_3 or later and set it as the JAVA_HOME.

When we did it and tried starting the 9.14 services, we got 'itg.war' deploy failed and the services does not start.


Question is how do we handle setting the JAVA_HOME with a different version of JDK which fails PPM 9.14 but is a prerequisite for 9.20 upgrade?


My best guess is to Stop the PPM services on 9.14, set the JAVA_HOME with new JDK, proceed with upgrade; assuming the upgrade will not be affected.