Issue with web services in updating Financial Summary: WS_PROCESS Exception

We have an interface which takes the entries from a custom table and loads to the Financial Summary via Web Services.

for some entries wherein the Project setting has the "Allow Capitalized cost for project" option was not selected and on those entries the Web Services showed the follow exception

"WS_PROCESS Exception: The expense type Capital is invalid, costs are not being capitalized."

however the query is that even if requests are having only Operating entries, we see this error which is weird and wanted some guidelines on tackling this issue with web services.

1) is that projects with this setting disabled will have issues in loading Operating charges as well
2) if not then what is that we need to focus to see why the Operating charges are failing in loading

  • Apart for setting ""Allow Capitalized cost for project" on Project side, you also need to enable the Capitalized flag on the Financial Summary settings.


    I am handling this within my web service code, i.e. if Capitalized cost is not enbaled in Financial Summary then enable it, else skip.


    The options in Financial Summary setting would be like this:


    • For Propsoal - "The proposal is for a project that tracks capital costs."
    • For Project -  "Allow capitalized costs on this project."


    To test this fisrt manually go to Fiancial Summary settings and enable "Capitalized Cost" flag and then run your web service, it should work.

  • Hello Utkarsh,


    my query is, if the "Allow Capitalized cost for project" is not set and when Web Services try to update the OPERATING details, should the error pop or not.


    if not then any debugging details/process to follow to see why are we facing this issue while trying to update OPERATING line.

  • Ideally if you are not setting any cost in Capital FS line the issue should not come.


    But check if there is any capital line in your financial summary, even if you do not insert any value in capital line and if capital line exist in FS then also web service might get failed.


    If still issue is coming the set the captial flag as yes or remove any capital line in FS and then try to execute you job agian.