Upgrading PPM Application server



We have our PPM installed on Windows 2003 server and would be upgrading the Application server to Windows 2008. Will this cuse any issues to PPM installed version on win 2003.


I am not sure if we need to re-install or the same works even after upgraing to Windows 2008 without any changes.


Any inputs or any precautions that needs to be taken care?





  • I beleive you are upgrading existing PPM machine rather than migrating PPM on upgraded OS version.


    On upgrading OS there won't be any impact on PPM and NO need to reinstall the PPM. You just need to make sure about about the


    1. Java version and compatibility with PPM
    2. CYGWIN and SSH configuration (if applicable)
    3. Reconfigure IIS (if applicable)
  • Hi Utkarsh,


    We are just upgrading the OS. Just curious to know if there would be any changes at the Registry level that needs to be taken care as Registry entries may get updated as part of upgrading the OS.




  • Verified Answer

    PPM does not create any registry entries in Windows, but you might need to create Windows services to start/stop PPM agian (in case its not working).


    Here are the steps


    1. First clean the existing services if any

      Open a command prompt, and the change to the <PPM_Home>\bin directory.

      ./ksvc.exe remove-all [-kh kintana-home]
      ksvc remove-all [-kh kintana-home]


    2. Then create the services for all the nodes

      ksvc install <PPM_Server_Name> -kh <PPM_Home> -jh <JAVA_HOME>
      ./ksvc.exe install <PPM_Server_Name> -kh <PPM_Home> -jh <JAVA_HOME>
      Example for Nodes..
      ksvc install <Node1_Name> -kh <PPM_Home> -jh <JAVA_HOME>
      ksvc install <Node2_Name> -kh <PPM_Home> -jh <JAVA_HOME>
      ksvc install <Node3_Name> -kh <PPM_Home> -jh <JAVA_HOME>


      The value of <PPM_Server_Name> is the same as the value set for the KINTANA_SERVER_NAME parameter in the server.conf file.

    Follow the same on other machines if you have PPM cluster.