(PPM) Support tip: Multiple Associated Programs not separated when displayed in portlet

The “PPM 9.31 release notes” document states that an unknown error is displayed
when users add the Associated Programs field to the Search Requests page,
or add the Request List portlet and then include the Associated Programs field as one of the result columns.
To fix this issue, PPM Center leverages the LISTAGG function which was introduced in Oracle 11.2.
You should use Oracle 11.2 or later versions to avoid this issue.


However, customers have noticed that there is no separation in the program names
when there are multiple programs associated with a project. 


An easy way to replicate it would be following these steps:

-create a PFM project request: (request ID, sample 99999)
-create a program Test1 and add 99999
-create a program Test2 and add 99999
-search for request 99999 adding Associate Programs field

Associate Programs column shows Test1Test2 without any separator.


R&D has created the below defect in order to address this issue.