Upgrade PPM 9.14.0008 to PPM 9.30

Hello, I am planning to upgrade PPM from 9.14.0008 to PPM 9.30, but I'm not sure if I  need to upgrade first to PPM 9.22  before running the upgrade to PPM 9.30 or if I can upgrade to 9.30 directly from the version 9.14.0008


Thanks for your help

Marta Domingo



    Hello Marta,

    Going by what the Upgrade Guide for 9.3 states as Task one you will need to upgrade to 9.20 before upgrading to 9.30



    Preparing to Upgrade

    Before you start the PPM Center upgrade procedure, perform the tasks described in this section.


    The placeholder <PPM_Home> is used throughout this document. It refers to the directory where PPM Center is installed. The specific name and location of this directory are up to you.


    Task 1: If Your Installed Instance is Earlier than PPM Center Version 9.20

    If you have a PPM Center instance earlier than version 9.20 installed, upgrade to version 9.20.


    Note: For information on how to upgrade to PPM Center version 9.20, see the

    Upgrade Guide

    for version 9.20.



    I am attaching the Upgrade Guide for 9.30 for reference.


    I hope this helps.