Working days and calendar in BBDD PPM 8.02



I am trying to create an execution workflow step (PL/SQL) to know how much days a proyect is suspended (working days)


I am loking for the calendar KDRV_CALENDAREXCEPTIONS but the spanish calendar does not appear.


PPM has de spanish calendar so do you know where i will find the working days (from my calendar)?


thank you very much

  • Try to use the procedure KRSC_ASSIGNMENT_UTILS.calc_working_days.






      -- Utility procedure to calculate information about working days for a given
      -- resource calendar. This procedure takes:
      --   p_start_date, p_end_date: normally these are the plan or actual start and
      --                             end timestamps for a work item.
      --   p_user_id: the user_ID of the user who's resource calendar should be
      --              consulted (most likely the resource to whom the work item is
      --              assigned).
      --              If p_user_id = 0, then check p_regional_calendar to be used
      --              If p_user_id IS NULL, then no calendar will be used and every day
      --              will be considered a working day. (This is used when the both the
      --              resource and base calendars have no working days between the
      --              start and end dates.)
      --   p_regional_calendar: if p_user_id = 0, this is the regional calendar to be used
      --              in calculating the workdays.  If this is 0, system default will be used.
      -- Returned values are:
      --   o_workdays: the total number of workdays between the start and end dates,
      --               for the user's resource calendar.
      --   o_start_day_fraction: the fraction of a full working day that was worked
      --                         on the start date (e.g. if the work item started at
      --                         1:30 pm on the start date, then the start day
      --                         fraction would be 0.45, for a 10-hour workday ending
      --                         at 6:00 pm).
      --   o_end_day_fraction: the fraction of a full working day that was worked on
      --                       the end date (e.g. if the work item ended at 1:30 pm
      --                       on the end date, then the end day fraction would be
      --                       0.55, for a 10-hour workday ending at 6:00 pm).
      PROCEDURE calc_working_days
      (p_start_date                  IN DATE,
       p_end_date                    IN DATE,
       p_user_id                     IN NUMBER, -- 0 means looking into system calendar, null means no calendar
       p_regional_cal_id             IN NUMBER,
       p_usr_dbg                     IN NUMBER,
       o_workdays                    OUT NUMBER,
       o_start_day_fraction          OUT NUMBER,
       o_end_day_fraction            OUT NUMBER)

  • Hi mvillalobos,


    Please check enclosed screenshot. There are calendar  tables.


    If it work for you please inform us and click solved & kudos.