PPM Support Tip: Resource Requests Portlet in 9.2 filters out Fulfilled Positions

When using the Resource Requests Portlet in 9.2, Data Source's Where Clause filters out rows with no Unmet Demand.

Customer wants to show 0 Unmet Demand rows in this Portlet to list the "Fulfilled" Positions, though now in 9.2 there is a new condition hardcoded in the Where Clause stating "only show lines where unmet demand > 0", which contradicts with the Position Status filter = "Fulfilled". Selecting Position Status = "Fulfilled" in the filters will return nothing.

Enhancement Request QCCR1L53803


Workaround is to execute the following update statement:

  SET BASE_WHERE_CLAUSE = 'WHERE sp.staffing_profile_id=positions.staffing_profile_id
and sp.status_code not in (4,5,6)
and positions.resource_pool_id =rp.resource_pool_id ( )
and users.user_id( )=positions.requested_by
and roles.role_id=positions.role_id
and (krsc_utils.can_access_rsc_pool(rp.resource_pool_id, [SYS.USER_ID])=''Y''
or krsc_utils.can_access_staff_prof(sp.staffing_profile_id, [SYS.USER_ID])=''Y'')'

NOTE: Always test direct updates to the database in a STAGE environment first and backup the data in case it needs to be restored at a later time.