PPM Support Tip: Multicast Details

When setting up a cluster configuration, multicast communication needs to be allowed on the network.

Network Administrators often ask for what kind of traffic they should expect on their network.

Multicast communication details:

•Port 46545: Cache invalidation channel.
Hardcoded to port 46545 in cache.conf. Uses JGroups protocol.
Triggered via this channel when the objects defined in cache.conf are updated by users in the front-end

•APP_SERVER_MULTICAST_PORT: HAPartition channel. Uses JGroups protocol.
Triggered via this channel When a user/service node joins or leaves the cluster.

•MULTICAST_PORT: ClusterMonitor channel.
Controls background services scheduler.
Triggered via this channel when node communication. MULTICAST_LEASE_MILLIS/2 which is a Default 30000 (milliseconds) as MULTICAST_LEASE_MILLIS Default: 60000 (milliseconds).
Also it would be triggered by other server events like node shut down, cache clear, and the objects defined in conf/tune.conf update by a user.

A parameter MULTICAST_TTL is available to set the Time To Live (TTL; permission setting on routers for the amount of hops allowed on packets) value for all multicast channels. The default value is 8.