PPM Support Tip: Look for vpd.properties file when upgrade thinks there is a newer version

When getting upgrade error "Installed product has newer version", remove or rename vpd.properties file

Client was testing upgrades on one machine.

When restoring an older version to test the upgrade again, was getting the message that the "Installed product has newer version".

A file called vpd.properties, which is generated by InstallShield contains installation information of all installed PPM products on that server machine. Usually this file gets deleted after a successful installation/upgrade, and this file is left behind only when an install/upgrade fails. The installer references vpd.properties file in the system and when it sees that a newer version was installed, it fails and aborts the installation.

Use the following steps to continue the upgrade:

1. Find the vpd.properties file in the file system (or its equivalent)
2. Rename vpd.properties to vpd.properties_old
3. Restart the Upgrade process.