Java Excel Report Postprocessor - NullPointerException Error

Hi Everyone,

I have a Postprocessor java class that I expect is causing the NullPointerException  error because the Preprocessor worked 100%.

The problem is that the error message does not guide you properly. In other errors I could determine the row in the java class that is causing the error but not this error.

The error message from the server log file, message directly after the service was restarted:

STATUS server:main:( SAST: *** Ready!
STATUS,USERNAME= server:http-bio-8080-exec-1:( SAST: Warning: failed to load the Cryptix properties file.
Make sure that the CLASSPATH entry for Cryptix is an absolute path.
ERROR :CommandRunner for com.kintana.rpt.server.KSCRunExcelReportCommand Batch ID: 35328:( SAST: Error while running Excel Report with template epmo/EPMOPortfolioDashboardTemplateV1.xlsx
at org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFRow.removeCell(
at com.mercury.itg.common.excel.service.ExcelExportServiceImpl.trimEmptyTrailingCellsAndReturnLastRow(
at com.mercury.itg.common.excel.service.ExcelExportServiceImpl.findLargeDataInfo(
at com.mercury.itg.common.excel.service.ExcelExportServiceImpl.generateDynamicStreamingExcelWorkbook(
at com.mercury.itg.common.excel.exporter.ExcelReportExcelExporter.generateWorkbook(
at com.kintana.rpt.server.KSCRunExcelReportCommand.execute(

The post processor class needs to remove the zero's from the table section which it has done but but I started at the wrong row and cell number, I fixed that in the java code and that change started the error message. I reverted back but error keeps on being the same.:

Excel Spreadsheet screenshot, excel file attached

Annotation 2020-03-1.jpg

The Java source code file attached in zip file

Any ideas on what I can do to understand where the error occurred?