Error updating workplan status

Hi -

We are seeing a strange issue with PPM 9.42 when running the ksc_update_workplan_status command.  Essentially, it doesn't appear that setting a workplan into the COMPLETE status works at all anymore.  

Has anyone reported similar issues?

On_Hold and Cancelled appear to work fine, but COMPLETE does nothing at all.






  • Greetings!,

    Please run the following steps and then let us know if the issue persist, if issue persist we kinldy recommend you to open a ticket with PPM support:

    1.     Stop the server.
    2.     Go to /server/ and delete “tmp” and “work” folders and run

    Note: Repeat for all servers (nodes).

    Note: Do not back these directories up as they will be re-created when the PPM instance is started.
    3.     Go to PPM_HOME/server/SERVER_NAME/log and re-name the serverLog.txt file. This will allow for a clean log to review.

    Note: Repeat for all servers (nodes)
    4.     Run
    5.     Run the
    6.     Restart server
    7.     Run -A (clear all cache).
    8.     Clear ALL cache and history in Internet Explorer or the browser you are using
    *If you have clustering, please repeat this for the entire nodes.
    9.     Clear the Client Java cache.
    Start --> Control Panel --> Java --> Temporary Internet Files --> Delete Files
    10.   Also clear the client-side Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Cache. (Control Panel -> Java Plug-in -> Cache Tab -> 'Clear'). Do so for ALL Java Plug-ins installed.


  • Greetings,

    Please share the error you mentioned in order to investigate further this behavior


  • Hi Pepdwill,

    I recommend to apply patch 9.42 0002 (PPMC_00167) as this may a be a bug.

  • Hi There, 

    not sure what what is causing the issue, you need to engage microfocus support team and i fear this is not the right forum for support team to troubleshoot and provide you with hotfixes... 

    In my environment i have command ksc_update_workplan_status STATUS="COMPLETE" which works perfectly fine and i am on 9.50. It was working fine in 9.41 as well, not sure if it is specific to 9.42 version related. 

    Maybe as next step, can you engage MicroFocus support team and here can you share the workflow step source to take a look at along with the error that you are facing. 

    Lastly try to use the command this way and see if that works - ksc_update_workplan_status STATUS="COMPLETE"