Error updating workplan status

Hi -

We are seeing a strange issue with PPM 9.42 when running the ksc_update_workplan_status command.  Essentially, it doesn't appear that setting a workplan into the COMPLETE status works at all anymore.  

Has anyone reported similar issues?

On_Hold and Cancelled appear to work fine, but COMPLETE does nothing at all.






  • Greetings!,

    Please run the following steps and then let us know if the issue persist, if issue persist we kinldy recommend you to open a ticket with PPM support:

    1.     Stop the server.
    2.     Go to /server/ and delete “tmp” and “work” folders and run

    Note: Repeat for all servers (nodes).

    Note: Do not back these directories up as they will be re-created when the PPM instance is started.
    3.     Go to PPM_HOME/server/SERVER_NAME/log and re-name the serverLog.txt file. This will allow for a clean log to review.

    Note: Repeat for all servers (nodes)
    4.     Run
    5.     Run the
    6.     Restart server
    7.     Run -A (clear all cache).
    8.     Clear ALL cache and history in Internet Explorer or the browser you are using
    *If you have clustering, please repeat this for the entire nodes.
    9.     Clear the Client Java cache.
    Start --> Control Panel --> Java --> Temporary Internet Files --> Delete Files
    10.   Also clear the client-side Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Cache. (Control Panel -> Java Plug-in -> Cache Tab -> 'Clear'). Do so for ALL Java Plug-ins installed.


  • Greetings,

    Please share the error you mentioned in order to investigate further this behavior


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