is there a web services to update scheduled date for a TASK ?

Hi All,

I'm able to update, via OOTB web services, actual dates for a TASK by the method updateTaskActuals.

I need to update also scheduled dates for the TASK: is there a method for this ?

I'm using PPM 9.53. In the "Web Services Programmer Guide" such method declared ... Any suggestion is appreciated !

Best Regards, Silvio

  • Hi Silvio,

    Since PPM 9.4X we've introduced the "Interactive REST API Help" in the PPM help menu, which list all the supported REST API endpoints that can be used for integration.

    This documentation is generated automatically for each PPM version, and we do not document PPM Web Services anymore - except the SOAP Web Services, but these ones haven't changed for a while and we have no plan to improve them in the future. 

    To update Task information, check /pm/tasks/* end points . To update a task info, first do a GET /pm/tasks/{taskId} to get the task info, then modify the Scheduled date in the returned JSon object and update the task with PUT /pm/tasks/{taskId}.



  • Hi Etienne,

    so the best solution to create and update automatically a task from a request is:

    - use SOAP to create the task

    - use REST to update actual dates 

    SOAP  ensure simplicity and consistency, REST seem to require more control for a behavior full compliance with the PPM gui.

    Do previous sentence are correct or I'm wrong ?

    Best Regards, Silvio

  • Hi Silvio,

    No, you cannot use REST to update the actual dates, only the scheduled dates. The REST API lets you do everything that can be done on the PPM Quick View (since it leverages the REST API under the hood create/delete/move/edit task - though you can only edit the fields editable on the Quick View, and that doesn't include actuals.

    If you're more comfortable using SOAP API to create the task then up to you, but my advice would be to use REST whenever available. 


  • Hi Etienne,

    thank you for this further clarification.

    BDW in my understanding to create task, update scheduled dates and update actual dates I need both since SOAP is not managing actual dates while REST is not managing scheduled dates. Further, the REST seems more complex regarding the managing of the duration. 

    In the future do REST will cover any capability covered now by SOAP ?

    Best Regards, Silvio

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Silvio,

    It's REST that can't do actuals edit, so you'll still need SOAP for that. REST can do everything else, including editing scheduled dates.

    Regarding managing of Duration, yes, REST is more complex, since it mimics the behavior of the Quick View, which is that duration is automatically computed based on scheduled dates - so you can only modify duration by changing scheduled dates. 

    And yes, we do improve capabilities of Quick View & REST API release after release. In past releases we added "Activity" edit, and ability to edit Scheduled Effort.

    Supporting Actuals edit is in our backlog, but at this point we have no precise timeline. Feel free to chime in - one of such ER listed in PPM Beta is #42593.