Microsoft Project & HP PPM 9.4


I have a query about mapping of fields between MSP & HP PPM. We have PPM Controlled integration mode. Is it possible to map Resource Pool & Role fields with MSP? I know these are out of the box fields and there are certain pre-defined fields which are allowed in mapping. But if we want to map these two fields: Is it possible? If yes, what would be the effort required?





  • Hi Amkaur,
    Role is a column which we can add in the work plan, but I don't see the resource pool as a column in work plan, I don't understand how it would fit it.

    For Role there is no option in PPM to map the Roles from PPM to MSP (since this feature does not exist in the MSP integration option)

    We can currently synchronize Notes, Activity or have a PPM user data map to MSP custom fields.

    In this scenario, the only alternative I can suggest is to have the user create a TASK user data that has the same value for Roles and then map a custom field in Microsoft Project in order to exchange the data in these fields during synchronization.

    The Integrating HP Project Management with Microsoft Project Guide has more details on how to map the user data Pg 50 (Microsoft Field Mapping)

    Pls log a support case to have an ER logged to have Roles mapped from PPM to MSP

    Mahendran M