(PPM) Support Tip: Recording Success Logs for Background Services

There is a new platform enhancement in Version 9.32.0003

Starting from 9.32.0003, you can use the following parameters
in Administration Console to enable recording success logs for background services.

Specify the refernces codes of services. If these services are run successfully,
PPM will record the success logs for them.
Reference codes are separated by semicolon.


Specify the duration (in days) of the success logs.
The log that expire the duration will be removee automatically from the Service Records page.
Default: 14

To view success logs for background services:

1. From the menu, select Open > Administration > View Service Audit Page.
2. Click the service for which you have enabled recording success logs.
The Service Records page opens listing all the success logs.
3. Click the detail link to view more details about the log.

Limitation: In 9.32.0003, you can only enable recording success logs for Cost Rate Rule Update Service.