How to change Date of HP-PPM Request

Hi Team,


Kindly assist with the below Query,

Customer wants me to change the Date of Implementation for the Change Request in HP-PPM. Can you please let me know how can I do So

When I open the Change Request it is showing the Date in READ ONLY Mode..


Went throught he documentation but still no luck.



  • Hi BB4,

    usually field status in HP PPM depends on the request status. In the workbench, you can look for the request type "Change Request" (or whatever this is called on your instance), open it and go to the "Status Dependencies" tab. Let's say the status your particular change request is in is called "Work in Progress". Then you click on "Work in Progress" in the left list and then look for your field "Date of Implementation" on the right. Mark "Editable" and click "Save". Now you can change "Date of Implementation" for all requests of type "Change Request" in status "Work in Progress".

    If you just want to change the one date, go into the change request form in the HTML interface and change the implementation date.

    To make the field read-only again, go back to the workbench, tick off "Editable" and click "Save".

    Hope this helps. If you don't want to open the field for all requests for a short time, you could also change the value directly in the database.

  • Thankyou for the reply.


    I am not able to see the option for search of the request. Below is the screenshot..Kindly suggest where do I exactly need to go

  • Hello BB4


    It seems like you have only "User Administration" license and not "Configuration" and due to which, you don't have an option to search request type in workbench.

    Please check with someone with "Configuration" license and work with him/her to get it done as suggested earlier.

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