deleting an old cost rule

We have a few cost rules that are no longer used.  How can we determine if it is "safe" to delete them?  We want to delete them just to keep our environment 'clean'.  Is it worth the risk?  Have others deleted cost rules that have an end date and is there no detrimental ramifications?

thank you

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    We do use cost rules at our end as well. i think the ramifinactions depend on which version of PPM you are on. If you are on version lower than 9.32 then i can say there will certainly be issues with the actual costs. If you are on 9.32 or later version then probably not. [will have to test them]

    As a best practice i would leave the old cost rules intact by having right end dates to each of them, thereby maintianing the audits as well. 





  • Thank you for that insight and advice Amishra.  We are at 9.2 so I will leave them be.