Workflow - Security - Project Manager

We need to restrict a Workflow Step the Project Manager of the project. Only the project manager must have buttons to continnue Workflow.

The following tokens aren't working (tested with standard token and user defined token) :



  • Hi Sébastien,

    I tried on my dev env and it seems to work as expected. A few things to check:

    1) Make sure that the proper security setting is defined in the workflow on the selected step and on the follow-up action steps

    2) In the Security tab of steps, I got it working by selecting:
    - User defined token
    - Security Type: User ID (do NOT pick username !)

    3) If you only want Project manager to make the action, make sure you don't have other security lines in the Security tab (such as Security Groups), as action will be possible if any security line is a match for the logged in user.

    4) If you have more than one Project Manager defined for your project, I'm not sure whether token will be a match or not, so try again with a single project manager to verify.

    If you still can't get it to work after checking these points, you should open a ticket with support to get this looked into.

  • Hello Etienne,

    This is working as expected and it's working with more than 1 project manager (point 4).

  • Great! So what was the issue then? Were you using "Username" instead of "User ID" for the Security Type?