Locating Task Exception messages in database

Hello  Team,  Can anyone assist in advising if the exception message displayed in a project task's details is located in a PPM table in the database.  Checking to see if we can use this for a customized portet.  This would be the Exception and/or Description messages that is from a task's Exceptions/Warnings tab. 

Thanks and appreciate any help or suggestions.




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  • Hi Erik, I looked into that table and i can see that and 'exception'is indicated for a task but the value is 'TaskOverdueStartExceptionRule'.  I was curious if it was somewhere in the database where PPM actually configures the message that the task is 'Starting Late' or 'Running Late' and where it configures the accompanying description explaining about the task.  Do you know if the 'Task Details' page somehow arrives at those messages by checking a combination of factors about the task?

    Appreciate the advice.