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9.52 : "Milestone Summary" portlet is not sortable

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

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"Milestone Summary" portlet to be sorted on the basis of available columns.

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On the project summary page, user is looking for sorting milestone on the basis of the available columns in “Milestone Summary” Portlet. Currently, it is default getting sorted by Milestone sequence in work plan. Considering the user requirement and making the application more user friendly, this enhancement needs to be implemented at the earliest.

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If the application is not user friendly, users interest is decreasing to use the tool and also it’s a valid request considering current ERP tools available in market.Please refer the above for design. 


"Milestone Summary" portlet is not sortable
  • Hi Etienne,

    To make the tool more user friendly, it is a request from the business / end users other columns in the milestone portlet must be sortable. Default sorting on the basis of "Sequence" is good and on top of this, if other columns are also sortable, it would improve the user experience.

    Users of PPM want to sort according to scheduled finish date without changing the complete structure of workplan which is the scenario we have encountered. Users might expect the tool to sort with the remaining columns as well in future. In case there is no value present for a column, then sort option should not be enabled.

  • I'm opening this idea for votes, however it would be nice to get a more detailed explanation about why end-users need sorting milestones by another attribute than work plan task sequence, and which column(s) exactly. 

    Name? Scheduled Finish? Actual Finish? Owners? How should ordering behave when that column doesn't have a value? (for actual finish, owners). Should we support multi-column sorting like was recently introduced in List portlets in PPM 9.53 and 9.54?