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Ability To Copy A Rule From One Request Type To Another

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

It would be very nice if there was some function that we could copy a rule from one request type to another request type.


Request type
  • If this was "Delivered" ... wonder why its still considered and "OPEN" status here in the Community pages.   Shouldn't the status be Delivered/Closed?   and we can move onto the next idea in the list?   

  • Hi Danny, great to see you around

    Regarding that functionality, better late than never I guess. It was really about time we addressed these frustrating time-wasters in the workbench, PPM Admins & Devs deserve some care & loving too!

  • Where was this functionality 8 years ago!!!   =]

  • Implemented in PPM 9.63.

    Supports both copy Rules within a request type, and import some or all of rules from a different request type.

  • Quick update - we ended up implementing the full "Import from" with a window listing all Rules from a request type for you to select from.

    We also added extra columns (Logic/Rule type) on both the Rules main window and in the popup where you pick rules to import. 

    And of course there is also a "Copy" button in order to duplicate an existing rule on the same Request Type. 

    Thanks everyone for your valuable feedback!