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Ability To Copy A Rule From One Request Type To Another

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

It would be very nice if there was some function that we could copy a rule from one request type to another request type.


Request type
  • Hi Fantanic,

    This was part of the initial design, but adding an extra window to pick the rules from is significant extra effort - we'll put it as nice-to-have requirement, but at this point the workaround will be to copy all rules, and delete the unneeded ones. This is quite tedious as you have to delete them one by one... maybe we could see if we can enable multi-select when removing rules to make this faster.

    Thanks a lot for the valuable input!

  • Hi Etienne good news!

    Regarding the new feature an additional action could be useful:

    - "Copy Rules From": which would list all rules from a chosen request types, and copy only selected rules into the current Request type

    Sometime there are requests with hundreds rules: copying all rules can be tedious in case only 1 or 2 rules are needed into the other Request type. A form like Request type field  "Copy From" could help.

  • Excellent  looks fine to me, Thanks Etienne for getting this moving so fast

  • We're thinking of implementing this capability by adding 2 buttons on the request details "rules" tab:

    - "Copy", which would duplicate the currently selected rule

    - "Copy All Rules From", which would list all request types, and copy all the rules from the selected request type into the current Request type.

    Any comment or concern? 


  • Yes many times we have the need to copy rules in the same Request Type. This functionality could save lot of time.