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Allow new PPM installation to use an existing DB User (9.62+)

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10 months ago


Enable GUI based Installation for PPM 9.62, this helps in controlling what permissions are being granted to ppm schema by system user, otherwise DBA has no control on privileges granted to the ppm user. Hope to see the feature soon !!


9.62 GUI installation
  • Thankyou Etienne. This helps a lot.


  • Hi,

    PPM 9.63 has just been released and it includes (again) the Installation GUI where you can pick an existing DB User for installation. 

    Note that for PPM 9.63 (as well as 9.62), if you're installing PPM you can directly install this version. You don't have to install 9.60 first and then upgrade like it was the case for 9.61 or any previous minor-minor PPM versions.

  • I've edited the Idea title to better reflect the fact that this is about being able to reuse an existing DB User upon new PPM install (9.62+)

    On a related note, I've been informed by some other members of R&D that they're considering extracting the part of DB script required to be run by SYS from the rest of the installation script, so that you could pass the smaller "SYS" specific script to  your DBAs to review & run (which would create the PPM DB user and grant it the proper priviledges), and then run the PPM Installation while not requiring to log as SYS DB user. 

    Is that the reason of your request to allow to use an existing PPM DB User created by your DBAs instead of getting PPM to install with SYS Priviledges? If that is the case, then we may already be working on it.



  • Hi Etienne, 

    Thank you for the detailed response.

    I understand that the grants needed for PPM DB user are the same in GUI installer and command line installer mode .

    The issue am facing during the console mode install:

    • I cannot use an existing user as PPM DB user.
    • system user is providing the required grants to PPM DB user during the installation. 

    where as in GUI mode Install : 

    • I can use an existing user.
    • all the required grants to PPM DB user can be granted before the installation.

    or is there any workaround to use an existing PPM DB User ?

  • Hi,

    I don't quite understand what you're asking. How is a GUI related to the control of the privileges granted to PPM DB user?

    All the grants required during installation & upgrade are document in PPM Upgrade & Installation guide:

    The only difference between the GUI installer and the command line installer is that the GUI will ask you to run some commands if it finds some grants are missing - but otherwise the grants you need for PPM user are the same.

    Also, a GUI is not needed if you need some interaction during upgrade - you can get the same interactions with a console mode install/upgrade if that's what you're after.

    Please clarify what you're looking for here.