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Clear cache issue wrt RequestRulesUserLibrary.js

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8 months ago

Currently on PPM 9.53, we face the issue where changes to RequestRulesUserLibrary.js is not refelcted on UI unless browser and java cache is cleared.
It was suggested by MF to change browser settings on each user's machine by communicating this information through PPM login page.

With thousands of PPM users, this becomes practically impossible to ask each user to clear the cache from their end.
Many times the changes are implemented in phases to study user’s behavior. We might then based on it come up with improved changes in next release.
Or some changes are only for some short period of time to deal with some specific situation in the organization, which might be removed after few weeks/months. At that time we can’t expect them to clear the cache again!

The login page is anyways loaded with other critical information and its human nature to just ignore such messages many times! Hence user opens ticket and keep coming back to support team. Also, different users use different browsers and its not feasible to include all the steps for all browsers in login page.
Its not a solution that will resolve the issue.

Also, the browser settings are not allowed to be changed by users as it is controlled at organization level and any change will impact several non ppm users as well.

Hence it will be great to reflect changes in RequestRulesUserLibrary.js on UI, without dependency on clearing browser and java cache by users, giving them hassle free experience!


Thank You!


Clear cache issue wrt RequestRulesUserLibrary.js
  • Delivered in PPM 9.63.

    Enjoy custom UI Rules updates deployment without asking your users to clear browser cache!

  • Hi Gunjan,

    This has actually been fixed earlier today as part of our initiative to improve Demand Management in next PPM Release.

    Both browser cache and java (workbench) cache should be covered. You can even redeploy the JS file on PPM Server and see changes in browser without restarting PPM if you set the server parameter "CHECK_STATIC_JS_FILES_UPDATES" to true. 

    Fix will be included in PPM 9.63, scheduled to be released in early December.