Idea ID: 1766147

Enable "The proposal is for a project that tracks capital costs." option in the Financial summary

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Enable the option "The proposal is for a project that tracks capital costs." in the Financial summary by default.

  • Delivered in PPM 9.55. There are new Server Parameters to decide the default values of all Proposal & Assets financial summary settings.

  •  It sounds like Amishra already validated it, but we are in the process of moving a test system up to 9.53 -- so if you send it to me we will try it out when we start testing that level.


  • Hi Sandra,

    Yes, we plan to merge that in PPM main code branch as soon as the hotfix has been validated by the customers it was sent to. I think we have hotfixes ready for 9.50-9.53, so if you're on this version just drop me an email and I can see if we can send it to you for testing/validation.

    If this goes in PPM main code branch, the sooner it would be is next version, i.e. 9.54 (planned to be released end of Aug/early Sept).



  • Is there a plan to merge it into the PPM main code branch?

    This sounds similar to the enhancement I have been wanting for years -- to default our Proposal Financial Summary settings to always roll up time sheet costs to the Financial Summary.

    I would like more information about the hotfix, and if it also covers my above scenario.