Idea ID: 2751841

Enabling Floating License

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago
Currently a fixed number of license base needs to be subscribed even though users are not accessing the PPM instance regularly.
Idea is to come up with a floating license base (which can be selected by the Client depending upon the user base) which will reduce the license cost for clients and they will be more than happy to continue with MF PPM. Also, it might attract some new customers for MF.
Expectation is, once the user is trying to log in depending upon his access grants (or security group- if MF gives liberty to the corresponding AO Admin team, which might be more complex), dynamically licenses will be granted and once users logs out or the user session times out, the assigned license must be freed.

Note: Depending upon the concurrent user count every client must have ability to decide subscrib their license package.