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ER request add column that list rules ‘Logic Type’ – either “UI Rules” or “SQL Default”.

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11 months ago

PPM 9.53.

Problem description:

In the PPM workbench, when modifying a Request Type, on the Rules tab, a list of Rules is displayed. I would like to add a new column to that list of rules – the ‘Logic Type’ – either “UI Rules” or “SQL Default”. It would be very useful to see that information in the list.

(If there is a way to easily modify that list, please let me know!)

ER Justification:

When editing Request Types in the Workbench, the business rules can be edited on the ‘Rules’ tab. The ‘Rules’ tab contains a list of the existing business rules, showing several columns of information, including the rule name, description, enabled/disabled flag, etc.
Many years ago the rules were enhanced to allow a new type of rule. The original rules (SQL Default) allowed the administrator to set values in fields. The enhancement allowed administrators to also modify field behavior (UI Rules) – visible/not visible, editable or not, required or not.
This request is to have the ‘Rule Type’ (SQL Default or UI Rule) added to the list displayed on the ‘Rules’ tab as a new column.
The administrator of PPM is requested to make a change to a request type, and the change involves editing an existing rule. In complex systems, there can be many rules, so finding the correct rule to edit takes some investigating. If the Rule Type for each rule was visible from the list, it would make searching for the correct rule easier.
The best current workaround I’ve found is to add some text to the rule’s name or description to indicate whether the rule is a SQL Default or a UI Rule, but that is a kludge. Otherwise, the administrator needs to open several rules to find the correct rule to edit.
No changes made to the system.
The simple addition of a new column in the list of Rules on the Workbench Request Type page.
Business Impact
More efficient use of the PPM administrator’s time.


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