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It is not possible to enter predecessor using language other than English in work plan Quick view

Status : Under Consideration
2 months ago


We are using PPM in Spanish because we are in Spain and when we are in the Quick View in the Work Plan, if I put for example 3FS+10 as predecessor in a task it means Finish to Start and that's ok, but when switch to the Schedule View the acronym get translated into Spanish to 3FC+10, that is Finalización-Comienzo. I have to put in this view the acronym in Spanish always, but in the Quick View if I put FC, I get an error: FC is not valid. This is confusing for the users. Acronyms must be the same in both Quick and Schedule View.

We are using PPM 9.51 but I have tested it too in a PPM 9.62. I guess it is the same in PPM 9.65.

I consider this is a defect and not an enhancement request but I put it here because Software Support told me to  do it, so R&D could evaluate it.





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  • Hi,

    Whether we classify this as a an ER or a defect won't have much impact on its prioritization - what's sure is that we fully agree with your assessment that the behavior should be the same in all work plan views - and ideally the localized behavior (of the scheduled work plan) is the one we should align on.

    Let's keep this here for tracking purposes, it should provide better visibility when we eventually address it.