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PPM MS Teams Integration.

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over 1 year ago

PPM MS Teams Integration.

  • Hi,

    We've started working on tentatively providing an MS Teams integration in PPM next release (end of February).

    It will be based on a mix of MS Teams Bot + NLP that would trigger PPM Reports, and should let admins/partners provide all kinds of interaction with PPM from MS Teams - as long as this can be implemented in a PPM Report.

    If you are interested in participating in the Design Review Program for this feature development, don't hesitate to drop me an email: 



  •  Thanks for considering this idea and that's really a great progress so far.

    Taking this to one more level.

    User(s) will be only logging into MS Teams app (in a group chat or in personal chat with robot), depending upon the security of the requests, create , search , update needs to be enabled.

    Also, (hope this would be there default) in case chatbot could not answer the query, then it must mention end user that Support team will get back to user and the complete conversation will pass to the support team via mail.

    Another requirement : Reference section : Needs also enable the add/update/remove attachment feature via chatbot for the corresponding request.

    You may also add your input to make this integration more robust.


  • That being said, it would be good if you could specify more of the actual use cases you would expect from a MS Teams integration.  Some examples:

    - View & Submit simple timesheet information from Teams

    - Team ChatBot to view PPM Request information from Teams, and create new Request

    - Create new Program Risk/Issue from Teams

    - Etc.

    It would really help us to know precisely what you're expecting from a PPM/Teams integration.

    FYI since PPM 9.54 you have a new Beta feature (to enable in Admin Console Feature Toggle Page) to add a small icon next to each read-only User field in PPM - clicking on that icon will open a Teams or Skype window to chat with that user.



  • Good idea. FYI we've already done a prototype in PPM R&D of PPM/MS Team integration for timesheeting purpose - so it's definitely doable. Let's open the votes and see how much actual traction there's for this feature.