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Remove decimal numbers on Resource Portlets

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

This request is related to PPM Case ID SD02601572.  Since PPM 9.54, the Analyze Assignment Load portlet as well as some other bar charts in RM started to show decimal numbers for the bars.  These numbers tend to run into each other to become unreadable.  Please either remove the decimal places from these numbers or create a server parameter to remove these numbers altogether from the portlets.

  • This idea has been accepted and has been implemented in PPM 9.60, tentatively planned for release around mid-march.

    One important point that I missed in the initial Idea description was that before the charts improvement in 9.5X, there was no value at all displayed at the top of the stacked area charts in AAL and ARP portlets.

    Turns out that we're trying to enforce a good practice to not introduce disrupting changes in PPM new versions without a feature toggle to turn it ON and OFF, and a preference to have the changes turned OFF by default in order to minimize impact and training of end-users required when upgrading PPM.

    As a result, I've introduced a new Feature toggle in PPM 9.60, turned OFF by default, to "Show Totals on top of bars in AAL and ARP portlets".

    When this feature is OFF, the totals will only show in the Tooltip values:


    When the feature is turned ON, Totals will disappear from the Tooltips and be displayed at the top of the charts:


    In both cases (Totals in tooltips or top-of-the-bar), I'm now formatting the values with the following logic:

    - Less than 10: two decimals max

    - Less than 100: one decimals max

    - More than 100: No decimals.

    This should improve readability of numerical values.


    We still have one week of active development in PPM 9.60, so if you need adjustments to this implementation, I'm still open for suggestions.



  • Noted.  We would prefer to be able to turn off the numbers and have it go back to the way it was before.  We’ve been using the same way for 5 yrs and no one wants to change their dashboards.

  • Hi pkan,

    The number runs over each other for two reasons:

    1) Numbers displayed are quite long (5 digits), and they become 7 digits with 2 decimals (plus the decimal dot). 
    2) You are showing a lot of periods at the same time on your chart, leading to numbers being very close from each other.

    On the short term you can always manually workaround your problem by either lowering the number of time periods displayed, or increase your portlet from narrow (one column) to wide size (two columns). 

    On the long term, if I implement the solution above it will solve the problem for your specific use case in your screenshot, but it will not fix it if a customer meets this problem while looking at small values where the 2 decimals will remain displayed - then they'll have to definitely reduce number of time periods displayed or switch to wide layout. 

    Since you don't seem to care about the specifics of the solution and that the proposed approach will indeed fix the problem depicted in the screenshot your shared, I assume that we're aligned on how to deal with the problem. 




  • Whether decimals show or not is not really the concern.  The true issue is that the numbers run together and become unreadable.  Anything done to stop that would be appreciated.