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Save existing request without entering all mandatory fields

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over 2 years ago

Save existing request without entering all mandatory fields.

  • We started working on this feature, it should be part of next PPM version.

    However, one potential concern that we've identified is that UI Rules results (on field change) will not persist through saving/loading the request.

    For example, if you change a field A and that it makes the field B mandatory through a UI rule, if you save the request and then reload it, upon reload the field B will not be mandatory, even with field A holding the modified value.

    The workaround is to create some UI rules on field load (and not on field change) that will take effect when the request is loaded.

    Just like every new PPM feature since 9.53, this feature can be turned on/off from the Admin Console "Feature Toggle" and comes disabled by default. So far we have only made that a System-level feature, not a setting per request type or per workflow step. 

    The lucky EDRP customers here can already test the feature on PPM Beta environment, it's the button "Save for Later" at the top of the Request Details page:


    Comments are welcome as usual.

  • There were 2 methods which worked for me

    1 . Don't make any fields mandatory in one status on click of  button make fields which have to be mandatory by adding a execution step which has new status , now all fields will be prompted , where users will have Save Progress button but they might end up confused if they don't proceed to next step without clicking on Continue Workflow Action. I think this is already suggested in above comments

    2. By modifying the JSP( which is not suggested)  was able to achieve this and working perfectly fine since 3 to 4 years only drawback is attachments in the request references will not be saved, for that users have to click on a button to save the attachments in the request reference.




  • For maintainability, I agree we definitely prefer to keep things as simple as possible (where it makes sense).

    One of the scenarios where we need this feature is when we add new required fields to an existing request. At that time, all previous requests will normally be missing data in the new field. We will want that field filled in before moving to the next state (except "Cancel" maybe an exception). However, we still want to be able to add "Notes" or update other fields and save that information in the current state -- while we don't yet know the value that should be entered into the new required field.

    The way it works now, I can't update anything in the request without filling in the new required field. So I have to guess at a value for the new field (which is likely wrong), just to be able to add a status Note or make an update to another field. I would rather have an empty field, than a wrong value at that point.

  •  Thanks a lot for the insight of a Kintana veteran, it's always extremely valuable. I assume that the purpose of this ER is to avoid having to create transitory statuses - most of our customers' workflows and statuses lists are complex enough already, and any mean to keep things as simple as can be is always welcome. The high number of votes on this ER is a sign that this usability pain is quite common among PPM admins & users.