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Timesheet approval API enhancement

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

  Timesheet approval API Enhancement, availability of an API to enable

- Delegates to approve the timesheets in Mobile/REST API.

- Enable tracking notes in Mobile/ REST API




  • Timesheet notes in REST API is implemented in PPM 9.63 (tentatively due for release in early Dec'20). 

    You can now view & add notes when creating/updating timesheet/timesheet line through REST API.

    The change will not be leveraged in the "old" existing mobile timesheet entry , but will be when we start reworking the new Timesheet Mobile entry, hopefully in PPM 9.64.

  • As Jane said, delegates can already approve timesheets through REST API.

    However, it's a valid new ER to allow Notes management (view/add) when approving Timesheets.


    Opening for votes.

  •  as Etienne mentioned in the mail.  If you're a delegate, you're able to approve TM. which is available in PPM9.60.

    Regarding Enable tracking notes in Mobile/ REST API, please confirm the below requirements. anything else?

    1. be able to add notes when approve TM

    2. be able to add notes when reject TM

    3. be able to add notes when submit TM

  • oops my bad. Do let me know if more details need to be added here to make this into the ER queue.