Issue with ALM synchronizer "incremental synchronization"

We have an issue with ALM synchronizer when we run "incremental synchronization".

During this incremental sync, the data updated in ALM is getting updated in JIRA but not the vice versa. But full synchronization works fine.

BTW, our ALM synchronizer server and JIRA server are not located in same time zones. 

ALM Product version - v12.53(Patch 1)

ALM Synchronizer version - v12.60

JIRA version - v7.4.2

  • According to the Synchronizer User Guide: 

    In an incremental synchronization, Synchronizer first sends a request to each
    endpoint to supply a list of records created or modified since the time indicated
    by the time stamp for the link. The time stamp for a link is the time the last
    synchronization task started running. The endpoint supplies this list by
    comparing the time stamp for the link with the time each record was last modified
    as recorded by the endpoint. If a record was modified after the time indicated by
    the time stamp for the link, it is included in the list.

    It seems likely this is your problem. If possible, try changing the timezone setup.

  • Yes, I am aware of this incremental synchronization mechanism. Let me explain our situation here:-

    1. ALM Servers & ALM Synchronizer Server - located in Singapore

    2. JIRA Server - located in Switzerland

    When we don't alter any time stamps on these servers - Full synchronization works well(ALM to JIRA & JIRA to ALM) & only ALM to JIRA incremental synchronization works, but not JIRA to ALM.

    Thinking this issue belongs to timezones of these servers, we have made the ALM synchronizer server time zone to the JIRA server time zone. Now both the ALM Synchronizer server and JIRA server are on the same time zone. But now when we run the incremental sync, nothing works(not even from ALM to JIRA which was working earlier).

    We are also in contact with MF support and they advised us to change the JIRA server timing to ALM server time zone and do the incremental and check the result. But it is not possible to change the time zone on JIRA servers as we dont have the control on it and they would not do simply only for our purpose as they will have lot of dependencies.

    But wondering, how the incremental sync(from both ends) works earlier with ALM sync v12.53(before upgrade) by changing only the ALM Sync server time zone to JIRA server time zone. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions.


  • Of course your setup should be working. You should request that Micro Focus fix this. It should be possible to configure differences in time zones.

    Meanwhile, the best option might be to run full sync more often for your critical projects, if that is a viable workaround.
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