Where are LoadRunner files stored in Quality Center

The organization I just joined is using Quality Center to store LoadRunner run results (I'm working on moving up to Performance Center, but that's a separate discussion).


What I'm noticing is that as soon as a run is stored in Quality Center I am able to generate a summary report, but I am not able to find the raw reult files for the run.


I've scanned to Quality Center server we are using with no luck finding the .Zip files associated with the results, could these items be getting stored in the database somewhere?

  • What version of QC is in use?

    Results from executing automated tests are stored in the Repository for the project. The Repository is a file system space where non-database items are stored, like attachments and automated test results.

    The location of the repository is specified within the Site Configuration and can be found through the Site Admin UI. You have to have special access to use that UI.

    Accessing the Repository directly is usually not allowed. The Site Configuration can be modified to allow FTP access, but then the administrator of the system itself has to ensure you have access to that system.
  • Thanks Trudy! 


    I am a site administrator for my QC installation, I was able to find my site repository (D:\ProgramData\HP\ALM\repository), but all I can see are a number of folders with a naming convention similar to "000\000\000\000" and similarly numbered files (of type "file") in those directories, any idea how this would translate to actual usable files? Is that what you mean by repository access being limited?


    I know at one point there was a QC option to store pretty much everything in the database, could that be where QC is storing the LoadRunner files?

  • Noticed where you mentioed needing to FTP in, so pulled up the Admin documentation on th FTP_Port parameter, set that up and can now FTP into the box and see the actual LoadRunner tests in the FTP folder, but for some reason the result files are not there, will keep digging but any thoughts on if the results would be located somewhere other than the file repository?

  • Verified Answer

    Found a solution:


    Open the LR Analysis

    Connect to ALM

    Browse to the path where you have stored the scenario.(Say, Test Plan---> Scenarios---> Urscenario)

    When you double click on the scenario, it should display all the runs.

    Select the run you want to analyze...!