Customize Assigned To user.

I'm tasked to customize the Assigned To user list to display only user that are relevent to current logged in user group.


Here is the group and user structure :


Group Name : "TestManager"

Users :

1. testmanager1

2. testmanager2

3. sha.testmanager3


Group Name : "Tester"

Users :

1. tester1

2. user1.tester


Scenario and Rules:

username tester1 is in a group called "Tester". User in this group can only assign new defect to user in group "TestManager". So the question is how to filter the user list in Assigned To or BG_RESPONSIBLE field to only show user that are relevent to current logged in user group.

  • You can't filter the user list the way you want. Two ways to accomplish your goal:


    1. Add code to Bug_FieldCanChange that evaluates the choice made by the user. If an invalid option is selected you return False, which resets the field to the original value. You can display a message to the user that explains which options are allowed.
    2. Create a new field of type Lookup list. Create two lookup lists with the relevant user names on each. You can let this field update the Assigned To field from the workflow Bug_FieldChange procedure. For the new field you can switch the user list associated with the field at login, based on the user group membership. The tricky thing here might be to keep the lists updated when the members of your groups change. You might automate this to some extent, but if the user groups are fairly stable you could do it manually.
  •  : Just want to mention that your this note has helped me to resolve a query that I had in this regard.

    Thank you.

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