Intermittent saving issue in QC 11/12

Hi All,


In Quality center 11/12, currently the project team is facing - saving issue which is intermittent. i.e during some time test steps are not saved or defects comments entered are not saved


one of the scenario is:


  1. In Test Plan module, being in Tree view – Copied the test description from one test case and clicked on second test case
  2. Updated the test case name and in details tab pasted the copied data in Description and updated the description content again.
  3. Navigated to Details step and updated the test steps.
  4. Navigate back to Description
  5. Issue: Test case name entered and Test case description updated is not retained. Only test steps entered for retained.

Could you please let me know if any of you come across this issue? Any resolution on this would be appreciated. Have raised this issue with HP but was not resolved

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  • Thanks for looking into this issue.


    Sure. HP Case No. is 4649413388. Resolution provided as per the case number is to user QC Explorer. But now many projects are facing this issue frequently and would like to know if there is any resolution for this issue.



  • Hi,


    I recommend you to collect the following information:


    * QC log in Debug Mode when the issue occurs

    * WebGate log

    * How many projects and users are facing the issue?

    * If you have a small project, it will be good to export it as QCP


    Then, create a new case in support and attach all the above and explain that you already had a casa and the QC Explorer didn't solve the issue. As this is not a known issue, I think it will requiere deeper research.