Any Free training or certification ?

Any Free training  or certification ?

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  • I am subscribed to several forums and I get email notifications and read the articles.  One thing I definitely notice with users in this forum is that they ask questions that almost 90% of the time, the answers can be found in the User Guide. 


    It is also quite interesting that still many users, alike, oblige to their questions and answer to a spoon-feeding degree.  I believe that enables people and encourages them to be lazy. 


    The other thing that baffles me is how many people intend to do just about anything they want to do with the tool without any consideration for best practice.  Sure you can to almost everything via workflow.  A project can be workflowed to death but does that help in the long run, how that does fare with scalability and upgrades and maintenance?


    I wish that there would me more people who would consider best practices and industry standards and I hope that that is the kind of discussions I would see more in the forums.