Monitoring changes to test executions/runs



I have a request from a customer to send them email if someone made changes to a test run. I dont want to monitor individual fields but hoping to have something at the parent (run) level telling me a change has been made to the run. What exactly got changed customer is not interested as they can go back and check hisotry so I dont want to get into monitoring changes at individual fields level


Any thoughts around something offered by OTA to determine if a change has been made to a run? All I need to do is send alert (email) to 'Actual Tester' about this (that someone has modified his/her run after execution)



  • You need to first explicitly define what constitutes a "change to a Run".


    There is a Run record and all its fields to consider.


    There are the Executed Steps of the run, and all those accompanying fields to consider.


    What about links to defects at either the Run or Executed Step level?


    What about attachments?


    Are the normal entries made while executing the Run considered "changes"?


    What if a Run was not completed, and the user selects Continue Run?  Would those be changes worthy of an alert?



    There's no way to offer meaningful implementation suggestions without first getting a better definition of your requirements.

  • Hi Trudy,


    Thanks for reply. Agreed. Should have provided more details.


    I am interested in knowing about changes to Run records not steps, attachments, or links just the parent Run record. Existing workflow has a "reviewer" going to review executions. What is happening is that reviewers sometime make changes to the run record itself (execution time, duration, status, etc) so I have been tasked to intercept that and notify actual tester. It is like an execution has already taken place. Somebody then goes and makes changes to the run record


    Hope I was able to explain.


    Thanks again for your time.

  • Normally I would say do this through workflow customization, by catching events and actions that indicate the record has been changed. Unfortunately, when I try to find events and actions called when changes are made to a Run, they are not consistent across all methods through which Run data can be changed.


    If I open a test instance, and view the Runs for it, I can change the run data in two ways. I can change it directly in the grid displaying the list of Runs, or I can change it after opening the Details for a specific Run. In the latter, the Run_CanPost and Run_AfterPost workflows are called. In the former it does not appear that either is called.


    So, I don't see any way to reliably capture the event that indicates a Run has been changed.


    The alternative would be to peruse the table where audit information is logged, but it doesn't appear that all fields in a Run record are audited.


    Sorry, I can't provide an answer.


    What you could do instead is perhaps customize workflow so that a user who is not the Actual Tester can't make a change to the Run record except for the field they modify to indicate they "reviewed" the run.

  • You could have your DBA add a table and stored proc to handle this, but it might impact this project's abiliity to upgrade to later versions or patches.


    If there is a recurring issue with people changing things they ought not, I'd create a new group membership that excludes the ability to make the changes.

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