When performing different user actions in ALM11.x, the following error may occur:


Exception from HRESULT 0x8004025C


The error occurs only on projects created on an Oracle Database server.


When a project is created in ALM, the schema name associated with that project consists of the domain name and the project name in the following format: [DomainName]_[ProjectName]_db. ALM truncates the schema name to 30 characters since there is a limitation in Oracle that the schema names cannot exceed 30 bytes (characters). The "HRESULT 0x8004025C" error is caused by a defect in Oracle which limits the project owning schema name to 29 characters only, instead of 30. This is a known defect in Oracle versions and  In order to fix the issue, the following solutions could be applied:


  1. Install the relevant patches for the appropriate version of Oracle:
  2. For Oracle patch 11822454 should be installed;
  3. For Oracle patch 13683125 for Linux/Unix or patch 13885389 for Windows;

Note: The above patches should be obtained by Oracle. For more information about this defect and the patches, please contact Oracle support.


  1. Rename the affected project's schema name to be less or equal to 29 characters.


Note: This information can be found in the following KB article: