Not able to find test plan fields on test instance screen?

I need to run a query on test instances to find instances meeting certain criteria. The fields I need to use are coming from test plan module (when I select a test set in the test lab, I can see on right side all test instances in a grid view - these fields have a label starting with "Test: xx" means they are coming from the test plan screen


Tried TESTCYCL table but no luck. Original fields are in TEST table as TS_User_01, etc. but TESTCYCL table does not show a value inside TC_User_01 ... Need help from members where can I find these fields


PS: DB Reference in QC 10 used to have a DB Schema Diagram. ALM 11.5 that I am using does not seem to have that in its DB Help :-(



  • Verified Answer

    The database reference document for ALM 11.5 does still have ERDs. They are available under the Functional Groups Diagrams heading.

    Custom fields created in the Test entity are not automatically mirrored in the Test Instance entity. It is true that you will see them in the UI for a Test Instance, but that is a real-time reference back to the source Test entity. If you change the value of that custom field in the source Test entity and then refresh the display of the Test Instance, you will see the value displayed in the Test Instance changes.

    If you want the data incorporated into the Test Instance entity so that it won't change, you need to add a user defined field to the Test Instance entity and then write workflow code to copy the value from the Test field to the corresponding Test Instance field.

    If you don't want to do that, then in your query you will need to join the TEST table to the query so that you can add the TS_USER_O1 field into your query.
  • Sorry to bump old thread but functional diagrams are not equal to DB Schema Diagram as focus is only on "commonly used tables" ... I was looking for exact same thing .. ALM DB Schema Diagram that HP used to have inside DB Reference for QC 10 but they have removed it from ALM DB Reference.


    I was specifcally looking for ERD related to System_Fields table, and All_Lists, etc. That is not included in basic level functional diagrams ... why would HP do this to us admins I dont get it ...