Publish QC/ALM Requirements to Wiki or Website

I'm exploring the possibility of building a requirements repo on an internal wiki that is powered by QC/ALM.  So basically I need to use the OTA to get the Requirement objects and organize them to publish them.


Has anyone ever explored this?  I know each entity (req, tests,etc..) has a unique ID and URL as well as they can be identified as a node in the workflow.  A lot of our organization does not use Quality Center they utilze our wiki for documentation but we don't want to keep up the same documentation in two places. 


Can anyone point me in a place to start, I didn't see much on this in the OTA or Admin Guide documentation.

  • Hello,


    You can use the OTA API to get the information you need.


    In the case of the Wiki, customers have been able to use it with JIRA to sync constantly between JIRA and QC/ALM.


    JIRA seems to integrate to Confluence wiki, so all reports can go to wiki automatically.

    I hope at least this give you a start on this.



    Ariel Blanco

    HP QC/ALM support team


  • Examples for how to use the OTA API are contained in the OTA API documentation rather than either the Admin or User guides. You should take a look at those examples.

    Alternately, you might want to look at the REST API. I haven't worked with it myself, but it is lighter weight than the OTA API and seems to be good for reading data from ALM.