ALM 11.5 Patch information - REST API

If there is a patch out for ALM 11.5 does anyone have the list of included fixes I can review?


The REST API is returning errors creating links; "resource already locked".


The API code worked fine with ALM 11, so I suspect something changed in the implementation between the versions to break this functionality. I’m hoping the locking issue was addressed in a fix but I’m unable to find fix documentation. Thanks for any help on this.

  • If you have a support contract you can look for patches on the HP Support site

    3 patches have been GR'd for ALM 11.5. I have not seen a public listing of the fixes. It seems that now HP requires you to actually install the patch in order to get a list of the fixes, sometimes.
  • Trudy,


    As crazy as it may sound, I'm not able to contact support directly for this type of information. I only asked here because I need to first know exactly what patch or fixes I need and then go through an external process to make a request - in our process it's only possible if I have all the required information first.  


    Please understand there is an elaborate process that I have to go through to get even basic information and I would not trouble the good people of this forum with such trivial questions if I had any other means available.


    Is there any chance I could get the patch information (number, release date, etc.) so I can then forward the information in a request? 

  • I can tell you the general info, but I can't tell you the fixes contained in them.  We aren't using 11.5 yet so I have no place to install the patch to get at the readme.



    Sprinter 11.50 Patch 18 (SPRINTER_00018)


    OS: windows: xp vista 7

    Updated: 12/19/2012



    - Exporting of a manual test run from Sprinter
        to a Unified Functional Testing test
    - Support for SAP GUI 7.30 in Power Mode
    - Support for Silverlight 5 in Power Mode
    - Support for Java 7 (JRE 1.7) in Power Mode
    -   General improvements to the stability
    and performance of HP Sprinter 11.50



    ALM 11.50 patch 01 11.50.886.01 (TD4QC_00271)


    Updated: 8/6/2012

    OS: windows: 2003 2008



    Problem: ALM 11.50 Patch 01 should be installed
    on top of the 11.50 GA release.
    It contains critical bug fixes that
    enhance the performance of the GA release



    ALM 11.50 patch 01 11.50.886.01 (TD4QC_002721)


    Updated: 8/6/2012

    OS: windows: 2003-x64 2008-x64



    Problem: ALM 11.50 Patch 01 should be installed on top of the 11.50 GA release. It contains critical bug fixes that enhance the performance of the GA release

  • Trudy, thanks for the fix information. It does look like there is the one patch for 11.5 with 2 OS options.


    I tried installing the patch I was given - TD4QC_00271 but run into numerous errors. Looks like I needed TD4QC_002721 (2008-64).  With this information I can try again to get the correct patch and see what "critical bugs" were fixed.


    The patch readme is a little less than overflowing with helpful information - the last line refers to itself, the patch readme.


      This patch is intended to be installed over HP ALM 11.50 only.

      Before installing the patch, make sure that all users are logged out of ALM.

      You can check active connections from Site Administration, in the Site Connections tab.

      If ALM Platform is deployed over a cluster, you must install the patch on each of the cluster nodes.

      For more information, refer to the Installation Instructions section in the patch Readme.


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  • There was a typo in that second patch number - it should be TD4QC_00272
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