problem with memo fields

Dear All,

I want to find a good test management tool and I am evaluating ALM 11, but whenever I use special characters (like Arabic or Persian characters) in Memo fields like Description or comment (in defect module), after I log out from the QC and then return to the system, I cannot see any of the bugs. I found this error in QC log file, But I don't know how to solve this. Does anyone have an idea? Could you please tell the steps I should follow to solve this?


The error: "Failed to Get Bug Value; Failed to fetch data from BUG; Failed to cast Result Set value of field 'BG_DESCRIPTION' from type '2005' to string : [Mercury][Oracle JDBC Driver]Transliteration failed, reason: invalid UTF8 data;"


Thanks a lot.

  • If your database supports Arabic and/or Persian, then it is possible to enter text in these languages. Consult with your DBA to set your database of choice (MS SQL Server or Oracle) to the appropriate collation.

    On Oracle you should define UTF8 character set db. You need to define a new UTF8 Oracle db, add it to the databases in the site administrator, then copy the project through site administrator to the new db and it should work.

    Of course, you have to have a client machine with regional settings that allow displaying these characters.

    However, there is no support on the UI level - ALM is translated to 10 langauges but not the ones you are looking for.



    Leo Borisov, Func. Architect, ALM Methodology, HP SW R&D