OTA Locked Test Case question

Let's say for instance I have a web application that I have created that launches from quality center, that allows the user to modify parameter values and called template testcases in a  specific testcase.   Is there a way to unlock the test case so the updated data values the user provided in this seperate tool can be posted back to quality center, while at the same time the user in their QC session still has the test case selected?

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  • I think it depends how do you write your external application.

    I think standard is that if you just have a look to a test then you do not need to lock it and actually the test is not locked. So everybody can change it. In time of changing of anythink the test is locked until you do the post. In this manner the standard QC client works. So if you will write your application in the same manner you will have no problem.


    Create you rapplication like this:

    - to see the test do not lock test

    - in time of editing something in test then first lock the test, then do the update, post changes and then ulock the test


    That all.

  • I guess my dilema though is tat you have a TC selected in QC in the test lab.  You click on a button in QC that brings up a data page, where you can modify parameter values, which all works.  The problem at this point though is when I click submit to post the changes back to the test case, the script blows up because that test case is already locked inside of the quality center application (by having it selected in the test case list).   Now if I go back to QC and select any other test case other than the one I'm modifying data for, then go back to my web app and click submit, then the changes are posted.  if you have any more thoughts on how to work around that so I don't have to have the user select another tc before saving their changes, I would appreciate.  Thanks again

  • But I do not know how do you have created and run that web application.


    Normally when you are in Test Plan on any test and you do not do any editing then the test case is not locked!.

    If it is locked then you have to first change workflows scripts inside of QC that lock the test case. Mainly it is in MoveTo action.


    Or I do not understand how do you open external web app. You said that you just click on some button in Test Plan.

    That is ok but this must not lock the test.

    The test must be locked after you first edit some parameter in your web app and you have to do it by yourself and then you can post it.