Folder ID in Test Plan


We are using ALM 12.20. In Testplan I would like to know the folder ID for each folder.

Could any one please help on this.

Thanks  & regards

Sailaja Chaduvula

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    You can find that information in the project tables, go to site administration and expand the tables

    Check the ALL LIST table

    You will find

    AL_ITEM_ID: This is the record ID.

    AL_FATHER_ID: The ID of the parent folder, list, or list item.  Tree and list roots have AL_FATHER_ID = 0.

    Please check the HP ALM Project Database Reference in the ALM help menu


    There you will find the require information




    Sue Sevilla | SW Technical Support Consultant.

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  • Sailaj,

    There is a super easy way to get the folder ID for a test using workflow.

    First add a user defined field. In this example it'll be the field name TS_USER_01. The label I give it is "Folder ID".

    Then, in the project's workflow, in the "Test Plan module script", specifically the "Sub Test_MoveTo" add the following code. I'm including the "Sub Test_MoveTo" for clarity...

    Sub Test_MoveTo
    Set tFact = TDConnection.TestFactory
    Set tItem = tFact.Item(Test_Fields.Field("TS_TEST_ID").Value)
    tItem.Field("TS_USER_01") = tItem.FolderID
    End Sub

    Each time you click on a Test the field "Folder ID" will populate with the folder ID.

    Let me know if that works for you.