ALM 15.5.1 Installation - Site Admin Database Schema - "Next" button is unresponsive

I have an ALM 12.55 Patch 2  environment (windows server 2016) and am attempting to set up a separate ALM 15.5.1 sandbox (windows server 2016) to test the migration process. 

I want to use the site admin schema from my current ALM 12.55 Patch 2 sandbox environment, therefore I have taken a backup of qcsiteadmin_db from the current MS SQL 2014 server and restored it into a separate MS SQL 2019 database server to be used for the ALM 15.5.1 QA environment. 

However on the application server during the ALM 15.5.1 installation screen where you must choose a Site Admin Database Schema, I have run into an issue.

  • I have selected the option "Upgrade a copy of the existing schema".
  • Entered the schema name (qcsiteadmin_2017), default password (tdtdtd) and the New schema name (qcsiteadmin_db_15_5_1)
  • Left the schema exception file as default: D:\MF Software\ALM_15.5.1_Windows_English\data\SchemaExceptions.xml
  • However when I click "Next" nothing happens. I get no errors or no pop-up messages. If I do intentionally put in the wrong schema name that does not match the one restored into the database or use the wrong password (tdtdtX) then I will get the appropriate error.

After clicking "Next" I have tried waiting to see if the installation page would move on or throw an error but nothing. 

Do you have any suggestions.?


I have also run the below query and attempting the install again, the installation screen has not moved past the Site Scheme section.

EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Report'
EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Update_One', 'td', 'td';